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09-17-2022 11:27 AM GinoE
Hit the gym this morning, I must be getting grumpy in my old age...
09-17-2022 07:16 AM GinoE
learn to fly
09-14-2022 05:52 PM IrocRob
Time to learn how to fly and buy yourself a small plane.
09-14-2022 05:36 AM GinoE
i forget the word where the brand name is used for something ubiquitous like kleenex, qtips, band-aids. down south theirs was: co-cola. we have kinds of flavors of co-cola; cherry co-cola, rootbeer co-cola, sprite co-cola...
09-14-2022 05:30 AM GinoE
was just a mall, underground
09-14-2022 05:29 AM GinoE
when i worked in alabama, i would party at the atlanta underground
09-13-2022 09:25 PM Respect_My_Authorita
worst part is, newark or allentown airports both are 2 hours drive from home, no other airport near by that can fly to atlanta nonstop
09-13-2022 09:23 PM Respect_My_Authorita
WFH in PA but have to fly to atlanta atleast couple of times a month
09-13-2022 09:23 PM Respect_My_Authorita
atlanta lol
09-13-2022 09:22 PM Respect_My_Authorita
started a new job
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