[Today 08:48 PM] IrocRob: John those two are probably just trying to get in on the inevitable and huge lawsuits that will happen up there. [Today 08:29 PM] spyder: hahaha [Today 08:20 PM] IrocRob: Can't believe it? Why not, it's happened before. He crashed out of the title when all he had to do was beat Hayden. [Today 08:16 PM] spyder: customers always do illegal shit [Today 08:14 PM] John712: Boston people are the weird [Today 08:14 PM] John712: 2 home explosions today. Nothing terrible. Customers did illegal stuff. [Today 08:11 PM] spyder: huh [Today 08:08 PM] carl_g: Wtf [Today 08:08 PM] carl_g: I can’t believe Rossi crashes [Today 08:08 PM] carl_g: Yeah dude [Today 07:39 PM] spyder: SLAUGHTER [Today 06:54 PM] spyder: haha [Today 06:39 PM] carl_g: Watch now it shits the bed [Today 06:38 PM] carl_g: Box has been stable last couple of days [Today 06:38 PM] carl_g: Lol [Today 06:36 PM] spyder: this is not goin got be pretty [Today 06:36 PM] spyder: Eagles.. lol [Today 05:37 PM] carl_g: Well they won with .05 secs left lol [Today 04:03 PM] carl_g: Steelers ugh [Today 03:57 PM] IrocRob: Nascar finale at Miami - four guys running for the title. [Today 02:49 PM] spyder: hahahaha [Today 01:08 PM] carl_g: Too bad they got a shit head loser to ride their bike next year [Today 12:49 PM] IrocRob: What a day for the KTM factory.... [Today 11:27 AM] spyder: KTM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [Today 11:27 AM] spyder: hahha yeah they had to apppolagize for that [Today 10:45 AM] IrocRob: Time to watch moto3 and moto2 [Today 10:42 AM] IrocRob: A throws out "F" bombs on worldwide TV [Today 10:30 AM] IrocRob: KTM gets a podium [Today 10:23 AM] IrocRob: [Today 10:03 AM] spyder: lol