[Today 10:08 PM] IrocRob: Went riding Sunday morning for the first time in way too long. [Today 10:07 PM] IrocRob: Old school for sure.... [Today 04:12 PM] spyder: nice [Today 03:29 PM] carl_g: https://ibb.co/jNGxfz [Today 03:29 PM] carl_g: old school [Today 03:29 PM] carl_g: yo check this out! [Today 01:45 PM] spyder: other than that I have no ida about electricity, I put a ecobee in my house but, our house is newer and had the wire needed [Today 01:44 PM] Mike295: I got green blue red and white [Today 01:44 PM] spyder: I think its a "C" wire thats required [Today 01:44 PM] spyder: Mike, its not about the thermostat its about the wiring behind it [Today 01:41 PM] Mike295: something very similar [Today 01:38 PM] Mike295: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/L5dKkRffjFU/maxresdefault.jpg [Today 01:38 PM] Mike295: Ok. My thermostat is this [Today 01:16 PM] John712: Or if the wires have all 5 just use the blue wire (or which ever wire isnt being used and put that into the C terminal on both the furnace control board and C on the thermostat [Today 01:14 PM] John712: If your furnace is newer just take the green wire off the G terminal on the board and put it to the C terminal. Same for the tstat too, green wire on C [Today 01:13 PM] John712: Mike you dont need a 5th wire [Today 12:27 PM] ronaldo9: no riff raff [Today 12:27 PM] ronaldo9: asbury was cool... it was a nice mix of oolder and younger ppl [Today 12:27 PM] Mike295: no [Today 12:26 PM] ronaldo9: mike you guys went on vaca? [Today 12:25 PM] Mike295: like i need the 5th wire run [Today 12:25 PM] Mike295: do they install it? [Today 12:16 PM] John712: I just drink when I'm down. And then I'm all happy again. See how I work lol [Today 12:16 PM] ronaldo9: ppl do crazy things when they are down [Today 12:16 PM] ronaldo9: you would think [Today 12:15 PM] John712: Life cant be that bad to kill yourself [Today 12:15 PM] John712: $750 to obtain a lawyer when suing in nj now. Starting September 1st [Today 12:15 PM] ronaldo9: crazy right [Today 12:15 PM] John712: [Today 12:14 PM] ronaldo9: kill themselves