[Today 08:28 AM] John712: 2 down, 9 left [Today 08:20 AM] ronaldo9: John is busy [Today 07:10 AM] John712: I have 11 jobs, 3 water heaters, 1 dryer, 1 reg change and 6 no air conditioning [Today 07:09 AM] John712: I'm so tired [Today 07:08 AM] John712: Sunny in metuchen at the moment [Today 07:05 AM] ronaldo9: Of course [Today 07:01 AM] GinoE: [Today 07:01 AM] GinoE: The entire country, rain only here [Today 06:59 AM] John712: Rob, it's under the chair on my front porch [Today 06:24 AM] ronaldo9: But if I take shit apart doubt I can put it back together [Today 06:23 AM] ronaldo9: Right [Today 06:17 AM] GinoE: (my guess) [Today 06:17 AM] GinoE: if it started with the fluid most likely carb is gummed up [Today 06:17 AM] GinoE: sounds like the genny has some life in it [Today 06:16 AM] GinoE: sure they dont care it was fixed at 6am [Today 06:16 AM] ronaldo9: Nice [Today 06:16 AM] GinoE: when the get in at 9am, it will be ready for them [Today 06:15 AM] GinoE: yep, remoted into customers pc for fix [Today 06:14 AM] GinoE: [Yesterday 11:37 PM] IrocRob: John - I will pick up that part on the way in to work in the morning. THANKS! [Yesterday 11:21 PM] ronaldo9: lets go yankees [Yesterday 11:17 PM] ronaldo9: What you get Kylie for her bday [Yesterday 11:17 PM] John712: If it comes between them and us having a life when something of their isn't working, we always lose that battle [Yesterday 11:16 PM] John712: Customers don't care [Yesterday 11:15 PM] IrocRob: [Yesterday 11:14 PM] John712: I just got home [Yesterday 11:13 PM] ronaldo9: Before the rain comes [Yesterday 11:12 PM] IrocRob: Parts for tractor and washing machine arrived today, both fixed now. Got the worst of the yard cut down, it was getting pretty tall. [Yesterday 11:10 PM] IrocRob: [Yesterday 11:10 PM] ronaldo9: Just for the future I will know they run small