[Yesterday 10:09 PM] Ant: I don’t think I could set a fastest lap these days [Yesterday 10:08 PM] Ant: Lol [Yesterday 09:11 PM] ronaldo9: sup [Yesterday 06:41 PM] paul11: ;O [Yesterday 06:41 PM] paul11: fuck ant....he aint shit [Yesterday 06:15 PM] spyder: fast,? fast? I will show you fast [Yesterday 06:07 PM] carl_g: Fast [Yesterday 06:07 PM] carl_g: Ant has one speed [Yesterday 06:06 PM] carl_g: Paul he'll school you second session [Yesterday 12:27 PM] Ant: Not ccs fastest lap speed [Yesterday 12:27 PM] Ant: I mean like 80 percent [Yesterday 12:26 PM] Ant: I know [Yesterday 12:24 PM] paul11: well then do that shit lol [Yesterday 12:19 PM] Ant: I’d give it two days and I’d be up to semi speed [Yesterday 12:19 PM] Ant: I’ve been riding on the street [Yesterday 12:17 PM] paul11: lol [Yesterday 12:17 PM] John712: Total of 6 6x9s... 2 5 1/2s... 2 10" subs... mids and highs. My harleybis gonna ROCK DA BLOCK!!! [Yesterday 12:16 PM] paul11: meh.... [Yesterday 12:15 PM] John712: They're still doing my bags [Yesterday 12:15 PM] John712: The harley [Yesterday 12:15 PM] John712: The harley [Yesterday 12:13 PM] paul11: vespa? [Yesterday 12:13 PM] paul11: fairing for what lol? [Yesterday 12:10 PM] John712: My fairing shipped [Yesterday 11:50 AM] paul11: ant....its been so long you will suck so hard.... It will liekly be humbling and you will be fine [Yesterday 11:50 AM] ronaldo9: you'll spend more time teaching the new guys how to go fast [Yesterday 11:49 AM] paul11: its yous ian..... [Yesterday 11:49 AM] Ant: Going to Italy this fall so not this year...but maybe next year. I really miss it [Yesterday 11:49 AM] ronaldo9: track day not worth winning [Yesterday 11:49 AM] ronaldo9: you'll be fine... new guys different atmosphere