[Yesterday 04:49 PM] ronaldo9: And WSBK assen [Yesterday 04:49 PM] ronaldo9: motoamericA this weekend road Atlanta [Yesterday 01:11 PM] Mike295: It was a real fun race. [04-14-2024 10:35 PM] ronaldo9: Happy for vinales [04-14-2024 10:35 PM] ronaldo9: Best gp I've seen in a while [04-14-2024 03:45 PM] IrocRob: That was a good one. [04-14-2024 03:03 PM] IrocRob: RACE TIME! [04-14-2024 03:03 PM] IrocRob: Permission or forgiveness, your choice.... [04-10-2024 12:34 AM] ronaldo9: Lol hIll don't know bikes like that [04-04-2024 08:37 AM] Mike295: the ducati 698 mono looks fantastic. but highly doubt hill would be on board for this lol [04-02-2024 12:49 AM] ronaldo9: Thanks Levi [03-31-2024 09:45 PM] Respect_My_Authorita: happy b'day ian [03-23-2024 09:17 PM] ronaldo9: Verstappen on pole again what a surprise lol [03-21-2024 10:59 PM] ronaldo9: Never owned one but they look like a blast [03-21-2024 10:59 PM] ronaldo9: Nice [03-20-2024 02:08 PM] Mike295: So I am def convinced a supermoto is for me. I was looking at the husky and ktm 690 [03-15-2024 12:02 AM] ronaldo9: I'd take a panigale v4r [03-14-2024 04:25 PM] IrocRob: Right after a lottery win..... [03-14-2024 04:24 PM] IrocRob: It does seem to be an awesome bike, I'm really tempted too.... [03-13-2024 11:46 AM] Mike295: I really want that Ducati Mono. Its unreal. [03-11-2024 11:13 PM] ronaldo9: Someone confirmed on the forum it is mainn but I'll be sad and upset if it's shenny lol [03-11-2024 10:53 PM] IrocRob: And they are just using the same paragraph that describes both tracks. [03-11-2024 10:53 PM] IrocRob: Okay nevermind - I see how they are describing it now. They are calling "Summit Main" the "Summit Point Circuit" [03-11-2024 10:48 PM] IrocRob: Looking at the evolve website it looks to me like they are running Shenandoah that weekend. [03-10-2024 11:52 PM] ronaldo9: With evolve [03-10-2024 11:52 PM] ronaldo9: Going to summit main April 6-7 [03-10-2024 05:30 PM] IrocRob: Let me know what track days you plan on this year. Maybe I'll join in. Can't miss out on NJMP's fresh pavement. [03-10-2024 05:29 PM] IrocRob: It's been snowing up here most of the day but nothing is sticking. [03-10-2024 04:46 PM] ronaldo9: Watching gp now. Curious what happened to the tires in Moto2 i forgot they are using pirellis now. [03-10-2024 01:53 PM] IrocRob: Good race but not all that exciting.