[Today 01:08 PM] carl_g: Too bad they got a shit head loser to ride their bike next year [Today 12:49 PM] IrocRob: What a day for the KTM factory.... [Today 11:27 AM] spyder: KTM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [Today 11:27 AM] spyder: hahha yeah they had to apppolagize for that [Today 10:45 AM] IrocRob: Time to watch moto3 and moto2 [Today 10:42 AM] IrocRob: A throws out "F" bombs on worldwide TV [Today 10:30 AM] IrocRob: KTM gets a podium [Today 10:23 AM] IrocRob: [Today 10:03 AM] spyder: lol [Today 10:03 AM] spyder: nah [Today 10:01 AM] IrocRob: Dani on the podium? [Today 09:59 AM] spyder: Vale for the win? [Today 09:59 AM] spyder: restart 9 AM [Today 09:38 AM] IrocRob: Haven't been that many high sides since the 2 stroke days. [Today 09:33 AM] spyder: right [Today 09:32 AM] IrocRob: If there is time.....only 2 or 3 hours of daylight left over there. [Today 09:29 AM] spyder: let them race [Today 09:29 AM] spyder: nice restart [Today 09:27 AM] IrocRob: Almost half the field has crashed out. [Today 09:26 AM] IrocRob: Wow Rossi still doesn't know.... [Today 09:24 AM] spyder: no red flags [Today 09:24 AM] spyder: lol [Today 09:23 AM] IrocRob: They won't red flag it until Rossi leads for a lap. [Today 09:12 AM] IrocRob: Crash Festival [Today 08:46 AM] IrocRob: Time to brew some coffee. [Today 08:45 AM] IrocRob: Should be good. [Today 07:48 AM] spyder: nice asemi wet race [Yesterday 10:23 AM] spyder: yeah having surgery this winter [Yesterday 10:17 AM] IrocRob: He pops that shoulder out pretty easily, Redding hit him on the back after he won the title and popped it out. [Yesterday 09:56 AM] spyder: tough dude