[Yesterday 10:26 AM] ronaldo9: https://www.facebook.com/jordan.reed...1287722832915/ [Yesterday 09:57 AM] ronaldo9: ginoe going to vermont? [Yesterday 09:56 AM] ronaldo9: tomorrow will be more [Yesterday 09:43 AM] GinoE: https://www.okemo.com/mountain-info/...Q0MTc0NjEzOQS2 [Yesterday 08:44 AM] Respect_My_Authorita: barely any [Yesterday 08:44 AM] Respect_My_Authorita: indeed [Yesterday 08:34 AM] ronaldo9: Some snow finally [Yesterday 08:28 AM] Respect_My_Authorita: yo [Yesterday 05:44 AM] ronaldo9: You going [Yesterday 12:48 AM] John712: Most bulls eye shots. Hand guns 1 handed at 35 yards. Long rifles at 150 yards. [Yesterday 12:47 AM] John712: 5 members per team, 75 teams, $250 per team member entry fee. Winner takes all [Yesterday 12:46 AM] John712: Gun for hire has a tournament may 11th [Yesterday 12:44 AM] John712: Guy* [Yesterday 12:43 AM] John712: And when I did the address change I put in for 3 more permits too. Again the gut was like huuuuuuuuh [Yesterday 12:43 AM] ronaldo9: Ya change of address sucks [Yesterday 12:43 AM] John712: I had to let ocean county know what I have, which I think is dumb but, whatever. The guy looked at me like huh [Yesterday 12:42 AM] John712: Well, address change. I had to start the process all over agin [Yesterday 12:42 AM] John712: I'm still waiting on my new fid approval too [Yesterday 12:42 AM] John712: Misty thinks I'm nuts but what does she know [Yesterday 12:41 AM] ronaldo9: Nice arsenal [Yesterday 12:39 AM] John712: Guy was like, this is the greatest thing I've ever seen [Yesterday 12:38 AM] John712: Sold.my ar9 2 weeks ago [Yesterday 12:38 AM] John712: 12 guage shells I have almost 2000 lol [Yesterday 12:37 AM] John712: Still casting my own too. I'm stoopid [Yesterday 12:37 AM] John712: I get ammo delivered once a week [Yesterday 12:36 AM] John712: A bigger one [Yesterday 12:36 AM] John712: All crammed in 1 safe. I need to get a new one soon [Yesterday 12:36 AM] John712: Guage [Yesterday 12:36 AM] John712: Two 12 giage [Yesterday 12:35 AM] John712: Hand guns 17