[Today 11:35 AM] ronaldo9: just ahve to get bike ready [Today 11:35 AM] ronaldo9: planning to ride soon [Today 11:35 AM] ronaldo9: i do [Today 11:07 AM] Respect_My_Authorita: you still ride track right [Today 11:05 AM] ronaldo9: nice [Today 11:04 AM] Respect_My_Authorita: yea 06 rr [Today 11:04 AM] ronaldo9: honda right? [Today 11:04 AM] ronaldo9: i was just going to ask if you still have it [Today 11:02 AM] Respect_My_Authorita: need to bleed and even replace it with brembo or something if i decide to ride [Today 11:01 AM] Respect_My_Authorita: brakes are shit [Today 11:01 AM] Respect_My_Authorita: been sitting for 2 seasons [Today 11:01 AM] Respect_My_Authorita: need to tuneup my bike [Today 11:00 AM] Respect_My_Authorita: roof rack is helpful if you have kiddies [Today 11:00 AM] ronaldo9: ok [Today 11:00 AM] Respect_My_Authorita: inside. since it is only 2 of us [Today 10:59 AM] ronaldo9: do you put everything on the roof rack or inside [Today 10:59 AM] ronaldo9: oh perfect [Today 10:59 AM] Respect_My_Authorita: 2 cars. the other car is used for long distance and can carry skis/luggage more better than my corolla im [Today 10:58 AM] ronaldo9: probably rack up most of the miles goign to vermont to ski [Today 10:58 AM] ronaldo9: oh that's awesome [Today 10:57 AM] Respect_My_Authorita: i work so close to home unable to rack up any miles [Today 10:57 AM] Respect_My_Authorita: my car is practically new. have less than 10k miles on it [Today 10:56 AM] ronaldo9: very smooth ride [Today 10:55 AM] ronaldo9: i think you would like it a lot [Today 10:55 AM] Respect_My_Authorita: stylish [Today 10:55 AM] Respect_My_Authorita: modern looking [Today 10:54 AM] ronaldo9: not as small at is looks... comfortable insice [Today 10:54 AM] Respect_My_Authorita: nice [Today 10:53 AM] ronaldo9: it drives really nice [Today 10:53 AM] ronaldo9: mom just bought the evoque