[Today 11:53 AM] spyder: yeah man DaFuk [Today 11:02 AM] paul11: these f'n yamaha's are fucked [Today 11:02 AM] paul11: sucks [Today 10:45 AM] spyder: DaFuk is up with that [Today 10:45 AM] spyder: Man rossi in 18th [Today 07:21 AM] spyder: [Yesterday 08:48 PM] spyder: sup [Yesterday 08:11 PM] ronaldo9: sup guys [Yesterday 04:13 PM] ronaldo9: will try to make it [Yesterday 04:13 PM] ronaldo9: will call you later [Yesterday 04:13 PM] ronaldo9: paul [Yesterday 03:34 PM] spyder: did not see today [Yesterday 03:34 PM] spyder: no the ducs were 1-4 in FP1 [Yesterday 03:26 PM] paul11: aragon FP not looking any better for yamaha and they were there before missano testing [Yesterday 03:21 PM] spyder: and unlocking the truth [Yesterday 03:21 PM] spyder: no it does not [Yesterday 03:21 PM] paul11: that album never gets old [Yesterday 03:21 PM] paul11: yea i always still listen to TOG [Yesterday 03:20 PM] spyder: TOG I do though [Yesterday 03:20 PM] spyder: I have not listened to them in a while [Yesterday 03:20 PM] paul11: once in a while i go back to some heavy stuff whill check it out. KSE was at foxwoods while I was away [Yesterday 03:19 PM] spyder: not sure if you moved on from that or not [Yesterday 03:19 PM] spyder: might be to heavy for you though [Yesterday 03:19 PM] spyder: I think you will like them [Yesterday 03:19 PM] spyder: Paul, check out Jesus Piece [Yesterday 03:18 PM] paul11: ian right now: https://scontent-lga3-1.xx.fbcdn.net...d6&oe=5C18CAFE [Yesterday 03:17 PM] paul11: private day next firday the 28th at NYST... .come ride [Yesterday 03:17 PM] spyder: those are some nice [Yesterday 03:16 PM] paul11: Ian [Yesterday 03:16 PM] paul11: