[Today 04:03 PM] ronaldo9: the struggle [Today 04:03 PM] ronaldo9: miller raced with a broken collar bone and still beat lorenzo [Today 04:03 PM] ronaldo9: oh snap [Today 03:19 PM] ronaldo9: [Today 03:19 PM] ronaldo9: think ill do summit memorial weekend .. think she'll come see me race? [Today 03:18 PM] ronaldo9: so kats ok? [Today 03:03 PM] spyder: yeah hes getting on with the Duc [Today 02:58 PM] ronaldo9: good to see tito doing better [Today 02:57 PM] spyder: cuz hes french [Today 02:57 PM] spyder: even though Carl hates him [Today 02:57 PM] spyder: hes going to be champ soon [Today 02:57 PM] spyder: hes the top non factory bike week in week out and even beat the factory bikes the first 2 races [Today 02:13 PM] ronaldo9: he's getting humbled now [Today 01:55 PM] carl_g: to lose LOL [Today 01:55 PM] carl_g: i root for him [Today 01:49 PM] ronaldo9: carl hates him [Today 01:49 PM] ronaldo9: lol [Today 01:46 PM] carl_g: haha zarco no podium again... loser [Today 01:33 PM] ronaldo9: but ya you're right [Today 01:32 PM] ronaldo9: edwards wasn't terrible either [Today 01:32 PM] ronaldo9: demoted [Today 01:32 PM] ronaldo9: elias kicked ass when he got domoted [Today 01:30 PM] spyder: and now everything is different [Today 01:30 PM] spyder: he was in GP forever [Today 01:30 PM] spyder: everything has to change [Today 01:30 PM] spyder: riding style has to change [Today 01:30 PM] spyder: completely different bikes [Today 01:29 PM] ronaldo9: you'd think he'd be dominating [Today 01:29 PM] ronaldo9: not sure why [Today 01:28 PM] spyder: although look at barbera hes sucking in moto2