[Today 04:01 PM] spyder: no!!!! [Today 02:09 PM] ronaldo9: oh no [Today 01:44 PM] spyder: need food [Today 01:44 PM] spyder: been on the phone already for over an hour, I am gettin getting hungry here [Today 01:43 PM] spyder: lol [Today 01:43 PM] spyder: its isolation so I just created a domain admin account for this kat just to save time [Today 01:43 PM] spyder: just a mess [Today 01:43 PM] ronaldo9: hey guys [Today 01:43 PM] spyder: it just takes forever and we dont have access to their stuff they dont have access to our stuff [Today 01:43 PM] spyder: I hate working with our counter parts in the data center [Today 01:42 PM] GinoE: full moon out [Today 01:27 PM] ronaldo9: https://scontent-iad3-1.xx.fbcdn.net...21&oe=5BD6216C [Today 01:27 PM] ronaldo9: nsfw [Today 01:27 PM] ronaldo9: new cpotd [Today 01:27 PM] ronaldo9: oh shit [Today 01:24 PM] ronaldo9: you watch gp [Today 01:00 PM] carl_g: just finished [Today 01:00 PM] carl_g: juve [Today 01:00 PM] carl_g: ronaldo press conference [Today 11:43 AM] carl_g: yeah [Today 11:22 AM] ronaldo9: we need a new pic of the day [Today 11:20 AM] carl_g: bummer [Today 11:20 AM] carl_g: ok [Today 11:13 AM] ronaldo9: thats the best i got [Today 11:13 AM] ronaldo9: https://scontent-iad3-1.xx.fbcdn.net...5b&oe=5BEC1382 [Today 11:11 AM] carl_g: LOL [Today 11:11 AM] carl_g: so no pics like her in the mirror stuff like that? [Today 11:11 AM] carl_g: some bald dude [Today 11:10 AM] ronaldo9: i guess thats her type [Today 11:10 AM] ronaldo9: doesn't he look like mike