[Today 09:48 AM] JimRBlue: Still???? [Today 09:40 AM] John712: I'm on 78 [Today 09:40 AM] John712: Nick would be so happy for me [Today 08:33 AM] John712: Wearing grey [Today 08:33 AM] John712: I'm on my way there now. The cleaners messed my black pants up [Today 08:22 AM] paul11: WIll be happy to see some of you guys... Def not happy for the reason [Today 08:20 AM] paul11: John. I am not wearing a suit...totaly up to you... Suits usually for family. [Today 05:37 AM] ronaldo9: I'm wearing one [Today 02:10 AM] John712: A suit required for tomorrow? [Yesterday 11:55 PM] ronaldo9: Wow that sucks rob I liked their prices [Yesterday 09:49 PM] IrocRob: - See some of you guys tomorrow..... [Yesterday 09:34 PM] IrocRob: Picked up a pair of RST gloves and boots, Merry Christmas to me. [Yesterday 09:21 PM] IrocRob: Rider's Discount is shutting down.....deals can be had while they last. [Yesterday 12:11 PM] ronaldo9: sup [Yesterday 10:54 AM] paul11: yo [Yesterday 12:30 AM] ronaldo9: Nice [12-12-2018 06:07 PM] John712: Vacation day in for Friday complete [12-12-2018 10:11 AM] ronaldo9: kids [12-12-2018 10:11 AM] ronaldo9: how are the kdis [12-12-2018 10:09 AM] Mike295: yeah [12-12-2018 10:02 AM] ronaldo9: you ready for holidays? [12-12-2018 10:02 AM] ronaldo9: not bad [12-12-2018 09:55 AM] Mike295: good. how are you [12-12-2018 09:53 AM] ronaldo9: how are you mike [12-12-2018 09:53 AM] ronaldo9: he always messing with paul [12-12-2018 09:53 AM] ronaldo9: lol [12-12-2018 09:53 AM] ronaldo9: he did [12-12-2018 09:50 AM] Mike295: I thought you moved to brick. [12-11-2018 10:15 PM] John712: [Today 07:16 PM]paul11:sup.... John you living in NJ now? where are you [12-11-2018 10:14 PM] John712: You asked me if I'm living in NJ now like I never did lol