[Yesterday 04:59 PM] spyder: thats a funny story about you and the wifey [Yesterday 04:59 PM] spyder: sounds like fun [Yesterday 04:43 PM] carl_g: oh boy [Yesterday 04:43 PM] carl_g: then drive back an hour' [Yesterday 04:43 PM] carl_g: drive over han hour to stay 3 hours [Yesterday 04:42 PM] carl_g: now i have to head to nj to go to some meet up with old co workers [Yesterday 04:42 PM] carl_g: haha [Yesterday 04:01 PM] ronaldo9: [Yesterday 04:01 PM] ronaldo9: could have met my wife [Yesterday 04:01 PM] ronaldo9: too bad i missed my reunion [Yesterday 04:01 PM] ronaldo9: very cool story man [Yesterday 03:35 PM] carl_g: pretty much [Yesterday 03:32 PM] ronaldo9: and the rest is history [Yesterday 03:30 PM] carl_g: yeah LOL [Yesterday 03:27 PM] ronaldo9: and crazy coincidence [Yesterday 03:27 PM] ronaldo9: that is cool [Yesterday 03:27 PM] ronaldo9: wow [Yesterday 03:26 PM] carl_g: we met at 10 yr HS reunion after I moved back from Wyoming [Yesterday 03:25 PM] carl_g: we went to HS together but didnt know each other.. totally different friends ect... [Yesterday 03:25 PM] carl_g: wierd story [Yesterday 03:25 PM] carl_g: no [Yesterday 03:23 PM] ronaldo9: carl you met your wife in college? [Yesterday 03:23 PM] ronaldo9: hope my date can still go [Yesterday 03:23 PM] ronaldo9: i have to go to a wedding saturday [Yesterday 03:19 PM] carl_g: cool [Yesterday 03:18 PM] ronaldo9: the open positions they gave back [Yesterday 03:18 PM] ronaldo9: so only 2 ppl in IT were let go [Yesterday 03:18 PM] ronaldo9: not much work today? [Yesterday 03:02 PM] carl_g: [Yesterday 02:44 PM] carl_g: so bored man