[Today 09:11 AM] ronaldo9: hope everyone is ok [Yesterday 10:20 PM] ronaldo9: Nice John [Yesterday 09:42 PM] GinoE: dont drink the counterfeit booze [Yesterday 09:37 PM] John712: Leave Friday morning for Dominica Republic for 8 days. Wish me luck [Yesterday 05:36 PM] GinoE: Gonna pack a bowl, takes about an hour to smoke [Yesterday 05:36 PM] GinoE: I bet the numb nut shows up just a start smoking my tobacco pipe [Yesterday 05:35 PM] GinoE: Been sitting here since 11 office closes at 7 [Yesterday 05:34 PM] GinoE: Called them tech sez on his way be there by 5 [Yesterday 05:33 PM] GinoE: Tech sez here between 11-2 [Yesterday 05:33 PM] GinoE: Doc office been down all day no internet [Yesterday 05:33 PM] GinoE: CableVision sux [Yesterday 11:05 AM] ronaldo9: yup [Yesterday 10:58 AM] Cakes206: oh man he lost the front [Yesterday 10:43 AM] ronaldo9: so probably now season over... marquez won the championship lol [Yesterday 10:40 AM] ronaldo9: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JsiygqFsPKs [Yesterday 10:39 AM] ronaldo9: causing rossi to crash out [Yesterday 10:39 AM] ronaldo9: rossi tried to avoid the fallen bikes but his back tire clipped one of the down bikes [Yesterday 10:38 AM] ronaldo9: lorenzo crashed and took out dovi and maverick [Yesterday 10:36 AM] Cakes206: there a vid to the accident? [Yesterday 10:36 AM] Cakes206: i keep seeing moto gp in my news feed [Yesterday 10:36 AM] Cakes206: what happened with rossi this weekend [Yesterday 09:56 AM] Cakes206: great [Yesterday 09:56 AM] ronaldo9: they are all doing well [Yesterday 09:56 AM] ronaldo9: did a track day last month and saw Jimrblue, rob, tommymac and paul [Yesterday 09:55 AM] Cakes206: i havent seen anyone in a while [Yesterday 09:54 AM] Cakes206: in-laws are renting a house in lavalette for a week in Aug [Yesterday 09:54 AM] ronaldo9: less riff raff lol [Yesterday 09:54 AM] ronaldo9: oh that will be a nice time.. they have a nice beach there [Yesterday 09:54 AM] ronaldo9: that's cool.. you see ant or anybody [Yesterday 09:54 AM] Cakes206: going to my cousin's house in OC NJ for a few days in July