[09-17-2022 11:27 AM] GinoE: Hit the gym this morning, I must be getting grumpy in my old age... [09-17-2022 07:16 AM] GinoE: learn to fly [09-14-2022 05:52 PM] IrocRob: Time to learn how to fly and buy yourself a small plane. [09-14-2022 05:36 AM] GinoE: i forget the word where the brand name is used for something ubiquitous like kleenex, qtips, band-aids. down south theirs was: co-cola. we have kinds of flavors of co-cola; cherry co-cola, rootbeer co-cola, sprite co-cola... [09-14-2022 05:30 AM] GinoE: was just a mall, underground [09-14-2022 05:29 AM] GinoE: when i worked in alabama, i would party at the atlanta underground [09-13-2022 09:25 PM] Respect_My_Authorita: worst part is, newark or allentown airports both are 2 hours drive from home, no other airport near by that can fly to atlanta nonstop [09-13-2022 09:23 PM] Respect_My_Authorita: WFH in PA but have to fly to atlanta atleast couple of times a month [09-13-2022 09:23 PM] Respect_My_Authorita: atlanta lol [09-13-2022 09:22 PM] Respect_My_Authorita: started a new job [09-13-2022 01:08 PM] Mike295: gotta get this chat going again [09-13-2022 01:08 PM] Mike295: So whats new [09-10-2022 08:42 AM] GinoE: think i'll dig out my old cassette tapes [09-10-2022 08:41 AM] GinoE: another late 80s mosh tune we used to dance to Join In The Chant [09-09-2022 12:02 PM] Cakes206: sup [09-06-2022 08:43 PM] GinoE: the gals would ask, what’s nin? [09-06-2022 08:42 PM] GinoE: used to ride with a black bell helmet & a NIИ sticker on it [09-06-2022 08:38 PM] GinoE: https://youtu.be/m1cRGVaJF7Y [09-06-2022 08:37 PM] GinoE: Front242 - Headhunter [09-06-2022 08:37 PM] GinoE: Miss those days dancing at Aldo’s in Lyndhurst [09-06-2022 08:33 PM] GinoE: mosh with your doc martens [09-06-2022 08:31 PM] GinoE: du hast [09-05-2022 08:42 PM] Respect_My_Authorita: [09-05-2022 08:41 PM] Respect_My_Authorita: metlife stadium [09-05-2022 08:41 PM] Respect_My_Authorita: Rammstein concert tomorrow [09-05-2022 08:16 PM] Mike295: whats going on [09-04-2022 05:36 PM] GinoE: Safe Home After Getting Caught In The Rain saw the clouds brewing but tough to leave the pub when your pals back you up with drinks [08-31-2022 08:03 AM] John712: Most definitely want to get back out there. Bikes here are a dime a dozen too. I'm sure just about anywhere for that matter. [08-30-2022 04:05 PM] IrocRob: Jim and I are still getting a couple track days in each year or so.... [08-30-2022 04:05 PM] IrocRob: One owner 2014 R6 with 5300 miles. A few minor scratches but pretty much showroom condition. $6500