[Today 12:27 PM] IrocRob: IDK if anyone will fill in for Bautista.... [Today 12:20 PM] IrocRob: Bautista gets to ride Lorenzo's bike at Phillip Island [Today 12:16 PM] IrocRob: Looking outside and there are a few snowflakes falling here..... [Today 12:05 PM] IrocRob: F1 from Austin today, and the Meadowlands flat track race is on today too. [Today 12:04 PM] IrocRob: He's 25 and a 7 time champion, how many more will he win? [Today 12:01 PM] spyder: yip [Today 12:00 PM] IrocRob: Suzuki on the podium [Today 11:49 AM] spyder: haha [Today 11:20 AM] IrocRob: [Today 11:17 AM] IrocRob: I'm watching again too, just to find out if Cal finishes a race. [Today 10:57 AM] spyder: shh watching now [Today 10:56 AM] IrocRob: Fell asleep during the race last night, woke up when Dovi crashed. [Today 10:50 AM] spyder: Carl I cant get to BTE I need help... [Today 10:50 AM] spyder: phuck IPTV...lol [Today 10:42 AM] GinoE: GO BILLS! [Today 10:41 AM] GinoE: guess you had to be there, I thought it was hilarious [Today 10:41 AM] GinoE: [Today 10:41 AM] GinoE: They’re both down in Florida setting up a golf tee time [Today 10:40 AM] GinoE: He gave me a look [Today 10:40 AM] GinoE: I said they’re right along side with the Mets [Today 10:40 AM] GinoE: Asked him what the yanks are doing now [Today 10:39 AM] GinoE: Here with a Yankees fan breaking his heart [Today 10:23 AM] carl_g: FU MM [Today 10:23 AM] carl_g: [Today 01:01 AM] Respect_My_Authorita: racetime [Yesterday 11:21 PM] carl_g: lets go KTM [Yesterday 11:19 PM] carl_g: here we go moto2 [Yesterday 10:46 PM] carl_g: how is ZEEWHAT [Yesterday 10:31 PM] carl_g: Moto3 drama LOL [Yesterday 09:18 PM] carl_g: BT sports 2